Determining salary range spread

One of the challenges in constructing a salary structure using data-points is deciding on the range spread to use. Range spread is also known as pay range width or salary range width.

Range spreads should increase with the increase in the level
of job complexity. It should not be the same percentage for all job levels.

Why You Need Workforce Planning?


Oil and gas companies are delaying major exploration and production projects at a time of record prices because of a dearth of scientists and engineers. Aerospace companies are unable to meet ramped-up delivery schedules. Rail and transport companies are searching in vain for the next generation of engineers, drivers and maintenance workers. And power companies face five- to 10-year skill development cycles for some critical jobs.

What is the difference between Internal and External Consultant?

An internal consultant is usually professional services employee (i.e. HR, Finance, IT, ect) who is employed full time by an organization, and who reports to a general manager or other senior manager. This person can be an individual contributor who works alone, or may have others reporting to her/him such as specialists, the internal consultant works exclusively within the domain of the employing organization, and at the behest of the manager to whom he/she reports.

Comparisons are made between the general world of consulting for planned change, as typified by the external consultant, and the specific world of internal consulting – a perspective rarely surfaced or discussed.