What can I do to better my chance of landing a job in 2010?!?

When you don’t have time to wait for luck, engineering your own is the second best option. The job seekers we talked to found that social media enabled them to glean the information they needed about the position they were seeking or the individuals staffed at an organization in order to manufacture a bit of their own serendipity.

Kevin Thompson may no longer work at SuggestionBox, but the story of how he was able to use social media to engineer his way into a new opportunity is quite remarkable.
“I was living in El Centro with my soon-to-be wife, who had moved there to pursue a promotion, and her contract in El Centro was about to expire. As part of our preparation for the move back to San Diego, I began looking for a new position in web development. … I had begun to follow [on Twitter] a number of web professionals from the San Diego area.

Before long, I saw a tweet from Gema Torrones (@gemalynn) advertising a development position at SuggestionBox. I followed up with Gema on Twitter and asked a few questions about the position and the company, then proceeded to apply and send in my resume. Within 24 hours, I was contacted by Adam Levenson (@adamlevenson) by email to schedule a phone interview.

After the interview was scheduled, I, as I’m sure a number of web-savvy individuals would do, Googled my interviewee and I found that Adam was active on both Twitter and 12Seconds.tv. I caught up on some of Adam’s interests and activities, including a few tweets about loving waffles (random, I know, but it’s relevant). I also found a few videos from the SuggestionBox office that gave me a bit of insight into the personalities of other team members and the general atmosphere at the company. I followed Adam on Twitter and 12seconds.tv, and I remained active on both of those networks, expecting Adam to view my profiles to, in turn, learn a bit more about me.

I began to weave some of Adam’s interests into my activity streams including, among other mundane 12seconds.tv videos, a goofy video of me with a plate of waffles.

When the interview rolled around, I touted my experience and abilities (which alone qualified me for the position) and as the call progressed and became more casual, Adam mentioned that he liked my 12seconds.tv videos, and moreso, specifically named the waffle video.”


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