What is Integrated Talent Management?

Integrated talent management shifts the human resources philosophy and subsequent approaches from a disparate set of specialised functions to a coordinated and interdependent series of connected activities that provide additional leverage at each stage. 

Talent management is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations this century.

The demand for superior talent far outweighs supply, and more and more companies are feeling the impact as they compete in the global market (Frank & Taylor, 2004). Globalisation, workplace reform and changes in the demographic composition of the workforce have affected how talent needs to be managed (Nankervis, Compton & Baird, 2005). It also emphasises the importance of having a flexible talent management system. The growth potential of organisations worldwide depends on the ability of companies to have the right people, in the right place at the right time. Research demonstrates that companies with enlightened talent management policies have higher returns on sales, investments, assets and equity (Caudron, 2001).

Managing talent should be about identifying, attracting, integrating, developing, motivating and retaining key people across the whole of the business, not just the 'elite few' decision-makers, as is so commonly the case. Talent management activities can include performance management, succession planning, talent reviews, development planning and support, career development, workforce planning and recruiting.

Whilst of each of these functions of HR has value in it own right, it is their integration that multiplies the value to the business. Integrated talent management is an end-to-end holistic system that connects all components of talent management. Effectively aligning your workforce to deliver on current and future business needs, while creating opportunities for employees to progress, learn, grow and engage and connecting your people to these opportunities, will guarantee the success of your talent management system and ultimate business sustainability.


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