What are top ten challenges in the Emiratisation???

  1. Design, plan and establish appropriate policies for developing UAE Nationals and meeting the Nationalization targets – No textbook nonsense, but pure hardcore practical know-how of successful models will get you over the top.  Key success factor is around perfecting shared knowledge among HR practitioners and all employees in order to capture the practical way of doing and complying with regulations, rules, policies, and guidelines that will contribute to Emiratisation and national development.

  2. Develop and build annual/periodic programs to attract and retain & promote UAE nationals – Learn how to create feedback loops that will be critical to success of any lasting initiative. Most of the time there is a disconnection between Emiratisation initiatives and enterprise. Offer a clear cut plan on how to deal with pressing issues (lack of talent visibility, silent opposition, lack of direction and low employee engagement)

  3. Design & build career progression framework for UAE Nationals in consulting with talent management team – Knowing and understanding the business and key players internally is essential for building customized career progression framework that will take roots and get buy-in across enterprise.

  4. Plan and allocate UAE national positions across the company in consulting with manpower planning & business teams – Knowing the faces behind employee numbers is make or brake factor. Understanding team chemistry and your corporate DNA takes years; and if you are looking to make team re-engineering a efficient and constructive process this is a must.

  5. Build talent acquisition strategy to attract talented UAE nationals (Graduates and experienced). Here is how how to recruit UAE nationals.

  6. Design, Build and manage the UAE National induction programs – Start with grass roots and introduce your employer brand early via resume writing workshops at universities. Create WOW effect around du employer brand by out of this world interview experience (InterActive Interview room). Build communication channels with your Generation Y and give them attention and respect they seek!

  7. Manage the Graduate Trainee program and ensure the successful placement of the trainees across the business – Create peer support groups and kick start interaction of your rookies and sophomores!

  8. Advocate and promote UAE Nationals placement and their career management across all the line departments – Introduce Emiratisation to expat candidates and employees early in the hiring/on-boarding process. Make sure that you hire the right mindset that will support and enhance core initiatives behind Emiratisation. Give a great deal of attention to Emiratisation initiatives awareness building and selling the idea in non-threatening way.

  9. Monitor and Manage the UAE Nationals turnover in coordination with Business support team and recommend appropriate solutions to address the attrition – >Employees don’t quit their jobs, they quit managers!< Focus on the root causes rather than on the symptoms. By creating positive work environment and focusing on intangible factors of employee satisfaction you will significantly improve UAE Nationals retention.

  10. Establish strong relationships with universities, UAE National Placement Bodies to promote the organization for placement of UAE nationals. – Above I have highlighted few examples where you can offer valuable service to the community (workshops for students –career management, resume writing, success stories, brand ambassadors) consequently you will embed your name in the minds of student body and academia.


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