Measuring Employees Engagement in High Performance Organizations

You can catch full presentation at the upcoming conference >>Enhancing HR in Telecom24 - 25 November 2010Budapest - Hungary<<

Now – more than ever – is a critical time for you to attend the Human Resources Telecom 2010 after the recent economic shocks everyone in Human resources are facing the new realities of innovating by looking at lower-cost technologies, rethinking business processes, and consolidating where possible.


So this year, HR Telecom 2010 focuses our education efforts on just that: helping you learn what all the smartest leaders are doing.

HR Telecom 2010 will show you how to choose, implement and deliver the most effective strategies for your company. These in-depth presentations and discussions will help you take the right steps to exploit and develop a whole range of new opportunities to further your Human resources Department. Attendeeswillbe enlightened by some of the most distinguished speakers and thought leaders in the industry. They share actual experiences on theirchallenges and successesin the telecom industry.

Programme covers a wide range of topics including:
  • Effects of the Crisis on HR
  • Involvement and Engagement of Employees during the Time of Change
  • How Employee Survey Results and a Leadership Index help?
  • Leadership for Growth - raising the leader's ability to grow talent
  • Establishing change management culture in the company
  • TELCO 2.0 - A new capability
  • Opportunities and benefits of integrating workforce planning with business strategy
  • Building and sustaining a culture of engagement
  • Role of HR business partner as a change agent in outsourcing model
  • Reaching out to Talents – an Integrated Approach
  • Main trends in succession planning


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