How to Calculate Salary Range Percentiles?!?

The resume and application for the job was submitted. There was a phone interview and subsequent in-person interview. The offer letter contains a decent salary, but on the low end of the salary range of $45,000-$82,000 that was advertised on the job description. Learn how to calculate salary range percentiles.
  1. Enter the low end of the salary range in cell A2. In this example, the low end of the range of $45,000. Enter "45,000" in cell A2.
  2. Enter the high end of the salary range in cell A3. In this instance, the high end of the salary range is $82,000. Enter "82,000" in cell A3.
  3. Enter the pay amount in cell A4. For this example, the salary for the job offer is $53,000. Enter "53,000" in cell A4.
  4. Enter the difference between the high end and the low end of the salary range in cell A5. Enter "=A3-A2," which results in 37,000. So the difference between $82,000 and $45,000 is $37,000.
  5. Enter the difference between the salary offered and the low end of the pay range in cell A6. Enter "=A4-A2," which results in 8,000. There is an $8,000 difference between $53,000 and $45,000.
  6. Enter "=A6/A5" in cell A7. The resulting calculation is 0.22. This step provides the ratio of the difference between the salary offer and the low end of the pay range to the difference between the high and low ends of the salary range.
  7. Right-click on cell A7 and go to "Format Cells..."
  8. Click on "Percentage" on the "Numbers" tab.
  9. Click on "OK." The cell reads "21.62 percent." This means that the salary offer of $53,000 is at 22 percent of the pay range.


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